Solved: The flashing screen on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Posted: April 7, 2018 in Misc
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The Yoga 2 Pro from Lenovo (Model# 20266) has a known issue with constant flashing that doesn’t stop unless you close the lid or shut down the system. The flashing didn’t start until I upgraded from 8.1 to Windows 10 (Home & Pro).

Well, after intense research for over 2 years, I’ve finally figured it out. Here are the magic steps:

  • Run the Intel HD Graphics utility (GfxUIEx.exe) as an Administrator (or it will crash). You can do this by either one of the following:
    • From the Windows menu (Press the Windows logo on your keyboard and type “GfxUIEx.exe”. Then right click to Run As Administrator.
    • From CMD.exe, run this command (runas /user:Administrator GfxUIEx.exe). Then you will have to enter the admin’s password.

    After you open the Intel HD Graphics Utility, do the following:

    • Click on Display -> Change the Refresh Rate to 48p Hz -> Click APPLY
    • Click on Power -> On Battery -> disable the “Panel Self-Refresh” option -> Click APPLY


Updating the BIOS, and all other drivers updates didn’t really make a difference. All you have to do is apply the steps above and your problem should be solved. Next time you wanna buy a device, make sure you buy reliable hardware 🙂



  1. Kaz says:

    I tried it all… drivers, power settings bla bla bla……… none of them provided any reasonable benefits.

    I know many people had success with these soft options but I did not. I finally broke down and chased an option someone had suggested somewhere about a loose ground. So…. I opened the bottom of the laptop, reset all the connectors and tightened all the screws. Then I did the same with the screen. I released it from the top cover, and tightened the screws and pushed down on all the connectors. It worked, no more flickering, no more “noise” in the screen ( white dithering on black screen ).

    I don’t know if this is your issue if you’re still searching but I was at my wits end with this and starting to contemplate sending it in for repair. I’d give it a shot if I were you if you’re still hunting. There are plenty of videos online on how to take the bottom and top off the laptop. You’ll need a #5 Torx driver (get more than one as they’re all flimsy).

    Good luck….

  2. Jack says:

    I was ready to throw out my PC until I came across your post. Thank you very very much for this, it is much appreciated!

  3. Susan H says:

    Thank you! I was also ready to throw my laptop into a creek, but this post seems to have fixed the flashing. Hooray!

  4. Lincoln Haiti says:

    Thank you very much. It works for me.

  5. Girts says:

    dalo835, I don’t know how did you find it out, but it’s ingenious fix, why not to try to sell it to Lenovo?

  6. shafayat says:

    how can i follow the steps even though my display does not stay more than 3 seconds ..after facing the same problem for long time now my display does not show anything except some scratch line on middle of the display.

  7. Carmen says:

    I tried to change the refresh rate to 48 within the normal settings but 60 was the only option, so I went to the custom resolutions tab. Regardless of what resolution I input, it tells me “The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity”. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

  8. Ricard B says:

    Thank you so much! It worked for me after several years looking for a solution to this horrible problem, I was about to throw it away! Really appreaciate it.

  9. Heron Free says:

    Dude you’re a totally lifesaver! Thanks for the post and all the work. Very appreciative of finally having this issue permanently resolved.

  10. Rodney says:

    I have seen (and tried) 50 or more “fixes” for this problem from various on-line forums (uninstall/reinstall drivers; install programs; uninstall other programs; tweak every setting known to mankind – but whenever on battery, the flicker made the computer unusable). Like others, I was almost to the point of retiring my Lenovo Yoga II Pro.

    This fix worked instantly.

    I do not know why such a major glitch has such a difficult find to locate a genuine fix. But you did it.

    I would like to take you to a pub and buy you a pint or two for saving this little machine.

    Great job.

    Thank you.

  11. paula oakes says:

    THANK-YOU!! I made the changes and the problem is FINALLY fixed. I really appreciate your tenacity! Lenovo was useless.

  12. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this solution! I had been booting Ubuntu off USB to avoid this horrible issue but now I can use windows again on my old Lenovo yoga 2 pro.

    • Ad3ll says:

      Thank you, Bruce for posting a comment. I’m glad it was helpful.

      • Zeil says:

        Hi, just want to let you know that it works! It has now been a full month with none of the flashing screen issue. Thank you for your post!

      • Ad3ll says:

        Thanks, Zeil for providing your feedback! I’m glad it was helpful.

  13. Brad says:

    I don’t know who you are but like the post below I was ready to take a hammer to this machine! This has been happening for over 2 years and I thought replacing the battery would help. The flickering only stopped when I plugged in the power cord which is not practical for a laptop. Tonight out of frustration I found your article and applied it WHILE it flickered and it stopped! Immediately! Thank you a million times over!!!

  14. Ben says:

    Nice Job Thanks!

  15. Michelle says:

    You’re a genius! I thought I was going to have to buy my daughter a new laptop for school because the flickering was so bad that it was unusable. I googled the problem and came across your directions. Followed your easy steps and it’s completely gone. You saved me hundreds of dollars and I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  16. Lionel R says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been dealing with this screen flickering for at least 5 years. I’ve spent many, many hours trying to find a solution. Did everything others have said, and nothing worked…until now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is crazy that this simple workaround is not more widely shared out there. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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