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On the old JomSocial forum, there was a post that has an attached file that no one was able to download since the team moved to a new forum (jomsocialrt). The post reported an issue with the following actions:

1. After upgrade to Joomla 3.8, when a user tries to edit profile or account details at frontend, an error page gives the message “Class only available on Joomla 1.6”
2. When SuperUser tries to edit user profile at the Jomscoial dashboard, the same error shows up with the message “Class only available on Joomla 1.6”


Download the file below and replace it with the one in this path: components/com_community/libraries/jform.php

File to Download:

NOTE: Please remember it’s always a good practice to rename the old file instead of deleting or replacing it before testing. You can rename the old file to (jform.php.OLD). Notice that we added (.OLD) to the end of the file name. Now, if the new file turns to be corrupt or doesn’t solve the issue, we can remove it and rename the old file back to (jform.php).