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1. Check the hash of the downloaded file before you get started to ensure the file isn’t corrupt. If you’re having issues with downloading large files, try using Firefox or a download manger.

2. Download (VMware OVF tool)

3. From your Windows machine, run CMD.exe and execute the following commands:

– >>>> cd “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool\”

– Note:This step should take up to 5 minutes. If you get error messages in this step, go back to step 1 and download the OVA file and make sure it’s not corrupt by comparing the hash of the downloaded file with the hash posted from the file owner >>>> ovftool.exe “D:\HoneyDrive_3_Royal_Jelly.ova” “D:\HoneyDrive_3_Royal_Jelly.ovf”

– Open VMware, From the Home Screen, Choose Open Virtual Machine, select the file with the OVF extention, and click open.

—> If you get an error message, click Retry. If you get another error message, then the file HoneyDrive file you downloaded must be corrupt.